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PAPER 1 READING AND WRITING (1 hour 30 minutes)

1 - Reading (5 parts and 35 questions):

a)      Three Option Multiple Choice (5 questions).

b)      Matching (5 questions).

c)      True / False (10 questions).

d)     Four Option Multiple Choice (5 questions).

e)      Four Option Multiple Choice Cloze (10 questions) .

2- Writing

a)      Sentence transformations (5 questions).

b)      Short Communicative Message (1 exercise).

c)      Longer Piece of Continuous Writing (1 exercise).


PAPER 2: LISTENING (around 30 minutes)

There are 4 parts. You will hear each part twice. 

a)      Multiple choice (short monologues or dialogues).

b)      Multiple choice (longer monologue or an interview).

c)      Gap-fill.

d)     True / False.


PAPER 3: SPEAKING (10-12 minutes)

You will do this part in pairs or group of three.

a) A conversation between the interlocutor and each candidate (answer questions about yourself, your past experiences and past).

b) A simulated situation which candidates do together (discuss a task based on pictures).

c) An extended turn for each candidate (talk about a photograph for approximately 1 minute).

d)  A general conversation between the candidates (discuss topics related to the photographs).

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