Saturday, 13 August 2016

Let's practice English with a funny TV Show!!! EPISODE 1

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Last week I heard about this TV Show designed to learn English, so I thought it'd be funny to work in the classroom with it.

Let's start with the first episode!!!!

After watching the first part of this EPISODE 1, you can do the following exercises:

  1. Explain what's happening.
  2. Find and write down all the verbs that appear in the dialogues. Classify them into regular and irregular verbs.
  3. Find and write down all the nouns. Classify them into countable and non-countable nouns.
  4. Identify the verb tenses used in the dialogues.
  5. Create different dialogues for the scenes.
Now, do the same after you've watched part 2 of EPISODE 1:

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