Wednesday, 21 March 2018

PBL (Proyect Based Learning)

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I've just finished a very useful training course on PBL, and I have only wonderful words about the different things I've learnt to do.

Although I've already used this type of methodology before, I didn't know exactly how it worked as a whole.

So, I've made a decision and I'm going to make use of this methodology with some of my groups next term.

I've prepared a type of handbook to have all the information close by.

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Friday, 16 March 2018


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Are you tired of preparing test on compulsory readers?

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Every school year I try to think about different ways of assessing my students when working with compulsory readers. 
This time, I've chosen a blend between compulsory reading in the classroom and oral presentation.

Two years ago, I started a new idea, The Reading Corner, you can find the post about it HERE. It's once again putting together succesful results with my students. The only difference this year, is that they don't have to pass a test when they finish their books.

What they have to do is just prepare a digital presentation about the book, and later, they have to explain it to their classmates.

There are some requirements which their presentations have to follow in order to get a good mark:
  • Power points are forbidden.
  • Other digital apps have  to be used, such as GENIAL.LYPADLETCANVAVENNGAGEPREZIPIKTOCHART, etc.
  • The presentations have to contain the following points:
    • Title.
    • Author.
    • Genre.
    • Publisher.
    • Publishing date.
    • Characters.
    • Brief plot (without spoliers).
    • Historical context.
    • Location.
    • Personal opinion and recommendation.
To evaluate their oral presentations I use a rubric which assesses different points, such as, accuracy (communication, use of English), fluency (pronunciation, intonation, volumen, no-hesitation, coherence, appropriateness), ICT resources, and other available resources for the project presentation.

You can find some of my students' presentations on their readers below:

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