Sunday, 19 February 2017


I'm sure many of you've heard about FLUENCY MC, because I often use some of his videos in our classroom.

Anyway, let me tell you that he's an English teacher, but a very creative English one. He raps English grammar and vocabulary lessons, and also goes around the world showing what he does.

Yesterday I watched one of his latest videos and creations, and I thought at once, that I have to show it to my students.

It's about the question of REFUGEES and how they're being treated by different countries' governments. The original poem was written by Brian Bilston, who is very famous on Twitter.

Resultado de imagen de refugees
picture taken from

There're some activities that you can do with this rap song:

  1. Read the poem how it's indicated in the video.
  2. Work with unknown words.
  3. Discuss about the topic, the poem style and the social impact of it.
  4. Sing the rap song.
Now, let's watch the video:

Resultado de imagen de refugees welcome
picture taken from

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