Sunday, 20 August 2017


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Are you ready to back to work? 

When starting a new school year we, as teachers, are always willing to prepare new lessons so our students can understand and finally love Shakespeare's language.

I've begun to think of new ways of getting my students attention and look for new resources to be used in classroom.

Here you can find some interesting sites with amazing and funny lessons and ideas for the very first days in classroom:

Click HERE to find a site I especially like , because it presents vocabulary in a funny way and with different types of levels and activities. It is very useful when using the DB in the classroom.

Click HERE to visit a site I've used many times to prepare lessons, and you can find different worksheets on this specific post for the first lessons of the year.

Click HERE to see this SITE which has got many lessons for the new school year including plans for icebreakers, business basics, and absolute beginners.

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Anyway, if it's too much work for ending holidays and starting the new school year, here you have some available lessons on my blog that, maybe, can help you to prepare the first day:

And now, 
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