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This activity is included in our Reader Plan. One of its aims is to work on aspects such as participation and interaction in the classroom. It can be done at any moment along the week.


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  1. Divide the classroom into groups of 4 students.
  2. Student 1 reads a paragraph aloud to the rest of students in the group.
  3. Student 2 explains, sums up or comments what student 1 has read.
  4. Students 3 and 4 decide if what has been explained, commented or summed up is right. If they don't agree, they'll give their opinion to the rest.
  5. Then, student 2 reads the next part and student 3 explains it.
  6. Students 4 and 1 decide now if it is well explained. 
  7. Students 2 and 3 can also express their opinion after students 4 and 1.
  8. The process is repeated so all the students read, explain, and evaluate each part of the text.
The aim of this part of the activity is to work on reading, oral comprehension and expression. This basic cooperative activity can also be done through the use of presentations, film scenes, pictures, drawings, etc. 


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The teacher should supervise the groups, help, and clarify the possible questions. He/She is the facilitator of students' cooperation.

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  • Students work reading aloud, oral comprehension and expression at the same time.
  • All the students in the group play an active role, since they have to carry out a concrete task (read, listen to, explain, give opinion).
  • All students are treated in the same way, without distinction.
  • It contributes to cooperation and cohesion in the class group.
  • The main doer is the student. 
  • The teacher is only a facilitator.
  • The lesson turns into a cooperative activity so students play the main role in the teaching-learning process.

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