Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Let's extend our vocabulary working with synonyms (words which can replace others with a similar meaning).


ANSWER: reply                           ABIDE: stand                                CALCULATE: work out

CONCENTRATE ON: focus on   DECIDE: make up one's mind        DANGLE: hang

FIND OUT: discover                    FAIL: misfire                                  HACK: chop / cut                         
HALT: stop                                 HAPPEN: occur                 UNDERSTAND: comprehend

INVENT: make up                       KEEP: reserve                                  KNOW: be aware of

PREDICT: foretell                       REMEMBER: recall                          STUDY: examine

THINK: reflect  


ADULT: (n) grown-up                 BRIGHT: (adj.) clever                   CENTRE: (n) middle

CHILD: (n) infant                         DANGER: (n) peril                        EARTH: (n) soil

FOOLISH: (adj.) silly                   GENEROUS: (adj.) unselfish        GIDDY: (adj.) dizzy

GREED: (n) avarice                    HEAVY: (adj.) weighty                  MAD: (adj.) insane

RATIONAL: (adj.) sane               RUTHLESS: (adj.) merciless       STRANGE: (adj.) odd

VANITY: (n) conceit


Replace the word in bold with one synonym from the list above:

  1. When people lose their tempers they tend to say silly things to each other.
  2. He spun around until he was so dizzy he fell over.
  3. They hacked off the branches to make a fire.
  4. I can't stand waiting around for hours on end.
  5. My plan to make a fortune has failed.
  6. This week we are going to concentrate on irregular verbs.
  7. The maths teacher is a really strange man.
  8. I know who you mean, but I can't recall his name.
  9. Have you calculated how much money you'll have left over at the end of the month?


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