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There are many words in English which look like Spanish ones, but that have different meanings. They're called "FALSE FRIENDS" .

Here there is a list of some of them:

Actual: adj.  real.    
Actually: adv. en realidad.    
Advice: n. consejo.
Argument: n. discusión.           
Assist: v. ayudar, socorrer.     


Be constipated: v. estar estreñido.
Brave: adj. valiente.

Cargo: n. cargamento, carga.
Carpet: n. alfombra, moqueta.
Casual: adj. ocasional, informal (ropa).
Casualty: n. víctima, baja.
Complexion: n. cutis, tez.
Compromise: n. componenda; v. transigir.
Conference: n. congreso.
Congeal: v. coagularse.
Cooker: n. cocina de gas.
Crude: adj. basto; tosco.

Deception: n. engaño.
Depart: v. partir, marcharse.
Discussion: n. debate.
Disgust: n. asco, repugnancia.
Dismay: n. consternación.
Disparate: adj. variado.
Distinct: adj. inconfundible (olor, acento).
Diversion: n. desvío.

Edit: v. dirigir un periódico; corregir.
Editor: n. director / redactor de un periódico.
Educated: adj. culto.
Egregious: adj. atroz, escandaloso.


Answer the following questions:

  1. If my eyes are streaming and my nose is blocked up, am I constipated?
  2. Are you more likely to walk on a carpet or keep papers in it?
  3. Could you describe mountainous country as brave?
  4. If my mother's and father's tastes are disparate, are their tastes different or silly?
  5. If your mother forgot to buy you a birthday present, would you regard it as a deception?
  6. If a road sign indicates a diversion, is it showing you where you can go to enjoy yourself?
  7. When somebody refers to the actual events, is he referring to events happening now?
  8. My aunt was dismayed at the news. Did she pass out, then?


Write synonyms for the words in brackets:

  1. He eats the most (disgusting) ___________________ things for breakfast.
  2. They are always having (arguments) ________________ .
  3. How many people are prepared to (assist) ________________ the ceremony?
  4. The bomb blast produced about 20 (casualties) ____________ .
  5. (Actually) __________, I'm working for a computer firm, not a television company.
  6. The (cooker) _____________ needs cleaning.
  7. There's a (distinct) _______________ smell of tobacco smoke in here.
  8. I've always envied her clear (complexion) ____________.
  9. I have to bring this (discussion) ___________ to a close now.
  10. The professor was (editing) _____________ the article for publication.

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