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Our English Language Department has planned a new project for students of all groups in this 3rd term:


Its core idea will be BULLYING and it will be part of the evaluation of the term. We have chosen this central concept due to the social impact it has on our students.

To start with we'll see the following video in the classroom in order to expose our students to the main idea:

It is a song written and sang by a boy who suffered from bullying when he was younger. He participated in the British TV Show "Got Talent".

Then, students will have to record short films about this topic. There are some requirements to be observed:
  • Short films will last between 2.5 and 5 minutes.
  • All students in the group have to play a role on it.
  • They have to use English for dialogues and introductions.
  • They can use any available app / format / resource  to record it.
  • Films have to original and without copying.
After recording the short films, student groups will present them in classroom and they will be evaluated according to the items indicated below.

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According to the current regulations, we can specify the following formal aspects in this project:


a) To assume one’s obligations in a responsible manner, to be aware of and exercise one’s rights with respectful attitude towards other people, to show tolerance, a spirit of cooperation and solidarity with people and groups, to use communication, reinforcing human rights as common values of a plural society and prepare oneself to be part of a democratic citizenship.

c) To value and respect differences between sexes and equal equality of rights and opportunities. To reject stereotypes which imply discrimination between men and women.

d) To reinforce one’s affective capacities in all aspects of one’s personality and one’s relationship with others, and reject violence, all types of prejudice and sexist behaviour, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

e) To develop basic skills in the use of sources of information so as to critically acquire knowledge. To acquire a basic preparation in the field of technology, especially those aspects related to information and communication.

i) To understand and express oneself in one or more foreign languages in an appropriate manner.

j) To know, value and show respect towards both their own and other countries’ culture, history and artistic manifestations.

l) To appreciate artistic creativity and understand the language of the different artistic manifestations, using different means of expression and representation.


To understand specific information orally in different communicative situations, being respectful and showing a cooperative attitude.
● To interact in varied communicative situations using dialogues in a comprehensible and appropriate manner.
 To use in a correct manner all the components of the foreign language in real communicative contexts, developing learning autonomy and reflecting upon their own learning process through the use of communicative strategies.
 To acquire the ability to work in a cooperative way, rejecting any type of stereotypes and prejudices.
To use information and computer technologies in a useful manner with the main goal of presenting oral and written the information obtained in the foreign language.


1) Linguistic communication: This project contributes in an obvious way to the development of competence to communicate in a foreign language. It also contributes to a constant reflection upon the use of the mother tongue through comparisons between the foreign language and the first language, especially when working on language awareness. 
3) Digital competence: The extensive use made of new technologies contributes to the development of this competence through the use of computers to make the project, searching information, etc.
4) Learning to learn: Through this project students will improve abilities to study, grasp, retain and use new concepts. 
5) Social and civic competence: This project will help students to reflect on our values and culture within society and to improve their attitude towards other people.
6) Competence in personal autonomy and initiative, as well as in entrepreneurship:  Students are encouraged to establish their own resources for making the film, and also to discover the benefits of cooperative work. Autonomous learning in the future does not mean solitary learning and this is the message we try to promote this year through common projects in class and at home. 
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VALUES (Art. 39, LEA)

It is established that it is part of the school’s commitment to help make students more rounded individuals, better able to take their place as fully-functioning members of society. Thus, this project pays attention to values which cross the spectrum of subjects, such as equality of opportunity of sexes. So we'll work with ideas such as group tasks, role acquisition, and mixing boys and girls in all group activities. 
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Students can use any material or resource they think is useful for making and recording their films. However, we can always recommend them some ideas about apps to be used to edit their recordings:

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Students can form groups of 3 or 4 max. They have to specify the different roles to be developed. However, we, as teachers and facilitators of the activity, should try to supervise that all students have a clear role and that levels are mixed in each group, so we can attend diversity also in this activity.

For more information about how to form groups visit


We will use the rubric above to evaluate the whole project and its oral presentation in the classroom.

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In June, a group of teachers will form the panel of judges and after watching all the short films, they'll choose the three best ones. All of them will have prizes given by the school.

After, the best film will be pointed by this panel of judges and given a special prize.   Finally, it will be shown in the graduation ceremony at the end of June.

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