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Today we'll work with activities on different types of food.

To review some basic concepts about this topic visit THIS POST ON THE BLOG.


To listen to the audio text CLICK HERE

Now, say if the following sentences are True or False:

1. This article is about eating the right kinds of foods.
2. The Food Guide Pyramid is a class everyone can take.
3. According to the Pyramid, an adult needs to eat a lot of grains.
4. Fruits and vegetables are not very important.
5. An average adult needs to eat 2-3 servings of dairy every day.
6. One serving of grain is equal to one slice of bread.
7. According to the Pyramid, people need a lot of meat every day.
8. People need a lot of fats, oils, and sweets.
9. The article explains how much to eat.
10. The article explain many different styles of eating.

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Before you listen, write the words under the correct title: 

Chicken curry and rice  //  Water // Apple juice  //  Chocolate cake  //  Banana cake  //  Seafood salad with bread  //  Four cheeses pizza //  Orange juice  //  Apple tart //  Cola //  Cheese burger  //  Ice cream

   MAIN COURSES                 DESSERTS                  DRINKS

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While listening, choose the correct answer:

1. For his main course, Andi chooses 

a. a normal cheese burger
b. a double cheese burger
c. a burger with chips

2. For dessert, Andi chooses 

a. ice cream
b. chocolate cake
c. banana cake

3. To drink, Andi chooses

a. apple juice
b. fizzy water
c. still water

Now, order the questions, with numbers from 1 to 5,  according to the conversation:

_____  Anything else?
_____ A cheese burger or double cheese burger?
_____ What would you like?
_____ Would you like a drink?
_____ What's your table number?


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It's time to work in groups and discuss about the following:

Do you like fast food?
Why or why not?
What's your favourite restaurant?
What food and drink do you like to have there?

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Next, let's watch a video about a British family:

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Some fun with Mr. Bean?

Resultado de imagen de mr bean and food

Watch the following video and explain what's happening:

And finally, learn what's the most popular foods around the world according to Instagram:

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