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Resultado de imagen de SMILE

Validation de Kurt Kuenne is a perfect short film to be watched in the classroom. 

It focuses on the value of small things and details, but it also teaches the value of generosity.

When you watch Validation, you realize that smiling is an act of generosity. If it's given together with a nice and sincere comment, the other person will get surprised, but it will also increase this person's self-esteem and self-concept.

Resultado de imagen de SMILE

Why is smiling so important for our students?

This short film is not only ideal for a tutorial class, but for any moment and any subject. 

Teenagers feel strange and odd things at that age, and it's very important for us, as teachers, work on their emotional intelligence, so they can understand what they are feeling.

Working with this material in the classroom, you'll make your students realize that if you smile and make other people smile, you can be a better person. It deals with teaching your students that laughing and make laugh simply make us better.

There are different ways of working with this short film in the English classroom:

  • Look for different types of words, verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.
  • Analyse and classify the different verbs that appear in the dialogues.
  • Create different dialogues for each scene.
  • Create a different ending.
What it is important here is that students reflect on themselves, on how and when they smile, when it was the last time they smile, who is the person who makes them smile...

What about you .... are you smiling now????

Resultado de imagen de SMILE

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