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  1  The following words are in the text in Exercise 2. Find the words and guess their meanings. Then use a dictionary to check your guesses.
       1.  management      ……………………               3.  tense      ……………………
       2.  relaxation           ……………………
  2  Read the article. Write true (T) or false (F).
Amanda was furious, so she hit a window with her hand and broke the glass. Steve kicked a classmate because he was insulted by him. Sally hasn’t spoken to her parents for days because they won’t allow her to go to a music festival with her friends. Amanda, Steve and Sally have got problems controlling their anger. This control is called “anger management”.
There are good reasons to learn anger management. Most importantly, it stops us from saying or doing things we’ll be sorry about later. Second, if you don’t control your anger, you won’t make friends easily. Finally, anger management can even prevent heart problems later in life.
Anger management experts have developed practical techniques for controlling anger. One suggestion is simple: when you’re beginning to get frustrated about a situation, leave the room. If that’s impossible, try a quick relaxation exercise. This helps because anger causes the heart to work faster and the muscles to become tense. So count slowly to ten or imagine a peaceful place. This will help you become calmer and respond better to the situation.
Exercising also helps because it causes your brain to produce special chemicals. These chemicals are called endorphins and they make you feel good. Other helpful activities are writing in a diary, drawing, painting, dancing, playing an instrument and listening to music.
Try these anger management techniques. Maybe they’ll help you.

       1.  Amanda broke her hand when she hit the window.    
       2.  Steve was insulted by someone.                                                 
       3.  Sally hasn't spoken to her friends for days.                 
       4.  When we’re angry, our heart works faster.                   
       5.  If you count to ten slowly, you'll feel calmer.                
  3  Correct the false sentences from Exercise 2.
4  Answer the questions according to the text.
       1.  What is anger management?
       2.  What are two good techniques to control anger?
       3.  What is the connection between exercise and feeling good?

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