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Do you know how to use the PRESENT PERFECT in English?

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First, let's see some examples of PRESENT PERFECT:

            I have lived in New York for 25 years. (...I'm still here)

         He has seen The Wizard of Oz many times. (I can't tell you                when.)
         We've never met him.

         Has he ever seen Beauty and the Beast?

         I've already finished the first assignment.

        Have you done the dishes yet?

        How has your mother been lately?

        What good books have you read recently?

         She hasn't learned very much so far.

        Up until now, I haven't gotten any mail from him.

       Your secretary has just finished the report.

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Now, let's check how PRESENT PERFECT works in English:

Present perfect from Carolina Roa

Let's practice with some exercises. Click HERE.

Finally, watch this video and practice the PRESENT PERFECT in films:

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