Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Instructions for this second term project for the 3rd groups. I.E.S. San Miguel. The digital project for this term is about "Places". Once you have chosen your partner, different places around your village will be given to you, so you can choose one for your presentation. You have to use the following website to prepare your presentation: https://www.smore.com/. We are going to work with a Digital Flyer, in which you have to insert all the information about the place, as well as pictures, interesting links in the Internet, videos, and whatever you want. The link is the following: You will have to sign up first in order to create an account to be able to work online. Here you have a model to follow, but remember you can insert anything you think is important for your project. Once you have presented all the projects, we'll insert some of them in my blog. You can also print them if you want to. Let's create something really good!!

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